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BabysGangAh, italo disco. It really is unlike any other genre out there. It has such a distinctive sound of its own, totally recognizable as soon as you hear it. As a bridge between disco and more modern dance music, it took the ideas of the former and added the drum machines and electro riffs of the latter. It remains one of those strange genres that really only existed for a short period of time. Sure, there are those who imitate it now (and more to come, I'm sure), but it's not

something that's really made a mainstream comeback. Although, I guess it wasn't necessarily "mainstream" in its own time, either. My overall point: italo disco is super cool, even in its inherent cheesiness. Baby's Gang specialized in the stuff, but they made it a thousand times weirder. Essentially, the group is "Baby" (you'll know her when you hear her... trust me) and her "gang," a chorus of heavily-accented women semi-singing. I know... strange stuff. But also strangely addictive. Their single Challenger remains a classic, but this one's nearly as good. Its political correctness is highly debatable, and it's beyond trying to understand, but just listen to the synths! Amazing. Plus, entering into this weekend of Eurovision (Loreen for the win, please), this seems somewhat appropriate in its randomness.





1984 - Challenger


1983 - Happy Song
1984 - Challenger
1985 - America
1985 - Jamin
1985 - Step By Step
1986 - My Little Japanese Boy
1989 - Disco Maniac